A little bit about this blog:

My bucket list is long and ever-growing, but I think it’s possible to complete it. I hope that this project will make for a full and well-lived life. It will also serve as a record of my (mis) adventures!

I can’t make any promises about update frequency. It’s an as-it-happens type thing. There is a bit of a backlog, however, so posts may happen in batches.

Thank you so much for checking out Fill My Bucket!

A little info about me:

I am based in the very center of the USA. For now, anyway.

My philosophy is to live life as though it’s my one and only chance. No repeats or do-overs.

I am searching for a way to fund what I want to do, by doing what I want to do. Currently re-evaluating my career and work situation. It is getting in the way of my life!

I love traveling with my husband, reading fiction novels, writing stories, cuddling with my dog and cat, and being who I want to be.