See the Eiffel Tower at Night

December 2016 we made it to Paris. It was just after Christmas and tourists were everywhere. Lines for any of the top Parisian attractions were measured in half days instead of minutes. Hard choices had to be made.

For us, the choice was see the Catacombs of Paris or climb the Eiffel Tower. Much discussion and debate later, we decided that we could technically see the Eiffel Tower from almost any point in Paris (and to and from Versailles), but we could only see the Catacombs by actually going. So we did that. We will have to return and actually touch and climb the Eiffel another time. Maybe we will even catch dinner at the restaurant!

The Eiffel Tower kept us company through most of our time in Paris. Like a good friend, it watched over our shoulder as we floated down the Seine.

It winked up at us from our lofty perch on Montparnasse Tower.


Not UFOs in the sky, but reflections off the glass.


And it guided us back from tours, shows, and dinners.


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