Meet Someone Famous

Comic conventions make my world go ’round. They are like joining a giant club where everyone is supportive and interested in similar things. Maybe all clubs are like that.

Planet Comicon is a massive Midwestern convention. Hubzy and I decided to make a weekend trip out of it in the summer of 2016. They were billing a lot of big names such as Jenna Coleman (Dr. Who), Alan Tudyk (Firefly), and Peter Mayhew (Star Wars). Pretty much my dream lineup.

It’s a few hours drive from our home, so we booked a room at the Aladdin Hotel in Kansas City. I enjoyed our stay there. It’s not your typical hotel experience, but it was just a few blocks away from the Convention.

Living it up with complimentary champagne and cookies at the Aladdin Hotel in KC.

After we checked in, we changed into our cosplays. You can’t go to a convention and not participate, right? I’m a lifelong sew-er (sewist? sewan?), and I made most of our costumes.

The convention center is gigantic and absolutely filled with talent. Amazing cosplays, handmade items for sale, comic and book authors, cool tech gear, and people everywhere.

The special guests had their own row where they met fans and signed things. It was peculiar seeing famous people in little booths looking like normal folks. All of them seemed shorter than I’d imagined (except Peter Mayhew, who looked like he was folded into the booth just to fit).

I ended up getting photos Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter), and Jenna Coleman (Dr. Who). It was bizarre. I didn’t really meet them, aside from a quick ‘hello,’ but Jenna Coleman said “wow” to my costume, and I’m pretty sure Tom Felton said he liked my sister’s hat, or maybe he said “nice ass.” I’m not really sure cause it was so fast and he has an accent. Overall, I call it a win!


Oh, that’s my sister- not Jenna Coleman. I didn’t like the way my picture with Jenna turned out so I’m not posting it. I was making…a poop face. Also, I was so nervous with Tom I didn’t know what to do with my arms. Cause, like, he was touching me!



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