Visit the Louvre

I always pictured the Louvre to be a small, dark building with no windows and a few well-known pieces of art on the walls. Packed with so many people you couldn’t see anything up close.

For once, reality is better than imagination! Did you know that the Louvre used to be a palace for the kings and queens of France? Well, it did. And the reason it stopped serving as a palace was because it was too big!

And it is huge! Several stories tall and multiple city blocks long. It’s not dark or really all that packed either. I mean, there are probably thousands of people in there, but it only really feels crowded around the Mona Lisa.

Doing my best ML smile. I’m really tired. Maybe that’s her secret?

Each piece is given space to shine. It really is an environment in which to admire. Great lighting, roped off areas, places to sit and watch. The building itself is beautiful, inside and out.

We thought we’d be able to pop in for an hour before close and see most of the contents. However, Paris keeps a less rigid schedule than we are used to in the States. About 15 minutes after walking in, the closing announcement was made. So we rushed madly about trying to see as much as we could as we could. It was a blast, but I would like to return and actually read the plaques and really¬†look at the treasures. C’est la vie.


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