Visit a Castle

I think there are probably variations on this theme that I will want to accomplish. For future reference, I hope to see:

  1. Castle Frankenstein (Germany)
  2. Himeji Castle (Japan)
  3. Malbork Castle (Poland)
  4. Mont Saint-Michel (France)
  5. Palacio de Pena (Sintra, Portugal)
  6. Hunyad Castle (Hunedoara, Romania) Inspiration for Dracula
  7. Joslyn Castle (Omaha, Nebraska USA)

But for this post, I will be regaling you with my visit to Windsor Castle. It is located in the United Kingdom. According to our tour guide, Windsor is the longest-occupied palace in Europe. It is very sprawling and several different additions showcase distinct architecture.

Just keeps going and going.

Since it is used by the Royal family, access is pretty limited. Really only a small part of one section is available to the public. I found it disappointing. The grounds and exterior are in excellent and beautiful shape -even in winter. But the interior of the small portion we saw was drab and dusty. It didn’t feel “castle-y” to me. It was my first castle experience, and it was not what I expected.

This is what winter in the UK is? Why do I live where everything is brown?

The best parts were the St. George’s Cathedral and the temporary collection displaying Queen Elizabeth II fashion throughout her life. In the Cathedral, I got to see grave markers in the floor, where people walk all over them! Some of the inscriptions are so old and worn that you can only guess who it references. The interior of the Cathedral felt much more castle-like to me.

Cathedral with a side of minivans!

As a bonus, we got to see the Changing of the Guard while we were visiting Windsor Castle.  At this point in the trip, my camera battery had died, so any pictures are cell phone quality.

The section where the Queen resides.

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