Ride a Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels have shown up on a lot of my adventures. There is something so soothing and exciting about riding high in the sky! Plus, some are slow and some are scary fast- you never know what to expect.

I found one on our family vacation to Dauphin Island, Alabama back in 2007.

I rode this one solo, back in 2016 at  local music festival, Maha, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Of course, there have been a few scattered through my youth at various theme parks as well.

But the most recent and the biggest one I’ve ever been on is the London Eye. It is 443 feet tall, and it sits on the banks of the Thames, so there are great views from the top.

It was typically rainy on our ride, and I forgot to get a picture of myself, so you’ll have to look at my charming husband instead.



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