Catch a Show at the Moulin Rouge

I have loved the musical masterpiece, Moulin Rouge ever since I saw it in 2003. It was so fantastical, I assumed every bit of it was fiction. To my delight, I discovered one day in 2016 that it was real. Well, there is a real place that does burlesque-type shows called the Moulin Rouge. It is even located in Paris, France.

Just my luck, part of our honeymoon would be spent in Paris! My husband has long obsessed over France, so we were determined to make a trip there. I was totally going to catch a show if possible between all the other sightseeing.

We did manage to get tickets. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed in the theater. I can tell you, the decor was on point. Lots of red upholstery, tiny tables with white linens, and wine or champagne in buckets. The show itself was magnificent, and I found myself gasping at multiple points during the show.

I recommend going if you have the chance. It’s a great way to spend a few hours on a Parisian night. I caught a few pictures of the lobby and front marquee, but the actual show I will have to rely on my memories.


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