Airboat across Alligator-Infested Swamps

Airboats are SO LOUD! So loud that they require ear protection!

You’d be a cranky alligator too, if airboats toured your swamp.

We booked an airboat tour during our stay in New Orleans in 2012. We went over the week of St. Patrick’s Day. After a 17 hour drive and a night in a La Quinta, it was time for some fun! The tour site had a petting station (passed) and an albino alligator (nothing new here, we’ve got one back home at the Henry Doorly Zoo). Our guide was funny when we could hear him. We learned a lot about swamp ecosystems. Spanish moss and water depth and the difference between alligators and crocodiles. We even fed a few alligators marshmallows!

Spanish moss. Part of the swampy ecosystem.
When marshmallows are life’s greatest pleasure.

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