Visit a Castle

I think there are probably variations on this theme that I will want to accomplish. For future reference, I hope to see: Castle Frankenstein (Germany) Himeji Castle (Japan) Malbork Castle (Poland) Mont Saint-Michel (France) Palacio de Pena (Sintra, Portugal) Hunyad Castle (Hunedoara, Romania) Inspiration for Dracula Joslyn Castle (Omaha, Nebraska USA) But for this post, … Continue reading Visit a Castle


Take a Picture with a TARDIS

I love the Dr. Who reboot. Full-on obsession with both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. So, of course, I love everything TARDIS-related. Last year, my fiancĂ©-at-the-time and I dropped by CONvergence, which is a comic convention in Minneapolis. 2016's theme was "But how do we get there?" and involved transportation in media. Obviously, there were … Continue reading Take a Picture with a TARDIS